About Us


We took a year out and rode the bikes overland through Europe, the Middle East and down to the Indian Sub Continent, then we flew the bikes from Katmandu to Bangkok and toured around South East Asia before flying the bikes to New Zealand and then briefly to Australia before having to return home prematurely due to family illness.If you click on The Route we Travelled you can read the blog that we kept mainly to keep family and friends informed of what we were doing and where we were. We learned a few lessons from our travels - firstly we took too much stuff with us (most people make this mistake) and we spent to much time in Europe and not enough in India. We hope that you enjoy reading the blog, there is a quite a lot of pages so I would recommend just looking at the pages that are relevant to where you want to be travelling unless you have lots of time to read all the pages.

Now we are running a small business importing Jesse Luggage into Europe, when we were travelling we used Touratech panniers, (Cliff's Funduro already had them fitted when we bought the bikes and they were much cheaper than importing Jesse panniers from the states so fitted a pair of Touratech's to Jenny's Strada as well) Hopefully we can use our knowledge and experience to provide you with accurate and helpful information and service.
Cliff & Jenny Batley

We started life as Two Wheel Trekkers and used this for our travel web pages.  In early 2009 we started our online and trade show business as Two Wheel Trekkers going on to open The Adventure Bike Shop in February of 2012.  Our online business continues to grow steadily and the new shop attracts many customers and fellow travellers.  Coffee is nearly always ready to serve and we love to meet you one day.

We have now started a new branch of The Adventure Bike Shop with URBAN BIKE SHOP.